Eye Care

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  • Dead Sea Minerals, Eye and Neck Cream 50ml
    Specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes and neck. Highly effective in increasing the flexibility of these sensitive areas, it helps reduce puffiness and pampers the skin. Contains Dead Sea minerals and Vitamin E. Indications For best results: After applying the Eye Gel, nourish th..
  • Jericho Eye Gel 50g
    Jericho Paraben Free & Fragrance Free Eye Gel helps to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles under eyes, with a soothing effect on the delicate tissue around eye area. It is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and olive oil that will nurture your skin and restore moisture to maintain the skin’..
  • Jericho Premium Eye and Neck Gel 30g
    Jericho's Eye and Neck Gel focuses much-needed pampering on your eyes, neck and other areas that most reflect aging.  Made with nourishing minerals from the Dead Sea, the Eye and Neck Gel will begin to make key lines and skin cracks begin to disappear making you feel younger.  The moisturi..